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Oct. 19th, 2010 07:32 pm
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Please look after the readers you love.

We put ourselves out there with a greater risk than most other fanworks. While one can use plausible deniability to disassociate oneself from fanfic or fanvids or fanart because one's name is not actually winkingstar (for example), podficcers do not have that same luxury because those are actually our voices.

FayJay posted about a rather horrifying situation for podficcers over at amplificathon, whereby our tracks are listed on Right now, the tracks have just been "scrobbled", which means the site looks at what it's users are listening to and creates metadata for the tracks. This means that there is no audio associated with the track, but it's easy enough for someone curious to google the track or the artist and come up with the archive entry at audiofic. We do put ourselves out there, but we give our voices to Fandom, not to mainstream media. That is an entirely different kettle and several readers are freaked out about that.

Readers, I do not mean to cause you undue alarm. To be honest, I think the odds are very slim for someone you actually know to find a track on, then obtain it via google, and then recognize your voice (and they may not actually recognize your voice; I've been told multiple times that my talking voice does not sound like my reading voice). But it is a possibility. I truly hope that this does not frighten anyone away, and I intend to continue recording podfics myself, but I want you to be aware of this sort of thing. Your safety and comfort on the internet is a top priority. &hearts

Listeners, please take care of our readers. Be aware of your listening habits.

There are people for whom having their RL and fannish identities connected would actually have a very real negative impact on their lives. These are our voices. We give them to Fandom because we genuinely love doing it. But we do not give our voices to the mainstream. Please look out for us.

If you use or a similar service, please listen to your podfic in a separate area that is not accessed by (or whatever). And if you notice any podfic tracks in your listening stats, please delete them.

If you would like to signal boost this, please feel free to copy my words and/or link to this post.

Originally posted by [ profile] winkingstar (Thank you!) I actually DID find metadata on one of my podfics when I read Fayjay's post and checked this out... That is terrifying. I'm so glad that at least it's just data, but people could still enter that information into google and find the actual stuff.


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