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First of all, some of you might have guessed this because I've already podficced two of this author's stories, but pretty much ANYTHING Chash AKA [livejournal.com profile] poor_choices (her fic journal is [livejournal.com profile] longsufferingly) writes is probably going to be an insta-rec from me. She is just... amazing. Every time I read something of hers I will probably laugh at SOME point. Or I'll cry. Or I'll just be left breathless and gleeful. Or all three. I couldn't read this last fic of hers without reccing it, though...

Any time someone asks me what my favourite books are, "The Giver" by Lois Lowry is on that list. So actually if you haven't read it you should read that first. It is one of the most affecting books of my whole life, I love it so much.

This fic, since feeling is first, has MAJOR spoilers for "The Giver" so don't spoil yourself if that kind of thing bothers you! It is a J2 au set in that universe, but it is much more than a creative new way to have j2 smut. It is an absolutely beautiful tribute to Lois Lowry's creation, and a stunning imaginary addition to the universe. It's kind of my headcanon for "The Giver" after everything. I love the exploration of the changes that occur in the community and the way it affects these characters, and Chash has honoured the tone and writing style of the novel so well... it's just the best thing ever. EVER.


P.S. I promise to get back to the Supernatural meme eventually!
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For one week (lol, paused for a while?), recommend/share:

Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

Book: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I COULD NOT GET THROUGH THIS BOOK UNTIL I LISTENED TO THE EBOOK VERSION. If you can't either, don't feel bad. XD I'm sorry to say the link I used to download it I've lost, but definitely either read it or download it. It's awesome! I'm almost done. =D (omg, Lauren, you're gonna be so proud of me! - or not, since I fail at reading XD)

A fanfic: Things You Shouldn't Do With Your Best Friend's Older Sister by [livejournal.com profile] gnimaerd. Oh my god. This is au Merlin/Morgana and one of my favourite het fics EVER. And it's DEFINITELY my favourite het fic in years and years and years! Go read right now! It's so lovely. &hearts NC-17 and hilarity warning. =D Also, be careful not to squee too loud if you're not supposed to be up reading fic and are trying to be sneaky!
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Master List of Podfic

Kingdom Hearts )

Supernatural )

BBC Merlin )


Wicked )

PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU ENJOY THESE. :) I am new to reading podfic and I don't really know what my strengths and weaknesses are yet, so please tell me what you liked, what wasn't your thing, etc

For notes on recordings and more silly things, just use the tag system, yo!
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Disclaimer: Disney and Squeenix own KH. They just let me play with them.


It wasn't that Sora didn't understand his friends, or that he didn't realize that Kairi sometimes wanted Riku to disappear. He did. They were both just more important than what admitting that was worth.

It wasn't that Kairi hated Riku, either. He was passionate and fun and even a little kinder to her than he was to anyone else but Sora. She just hated the way Sora's eyes would always stay locked on him, somehow even while he was looking at her. Riku was in a whole other league and he didn't even know it. The little girl in her wanted to squash that.

It wasn't that Riku resented the life they had. But he did detest the fact that, at 13, all he was was all he would ever be... and it never felt like enough. His and Sora's eyes were always on the next, bigger thing: it was part of the game. But he was stuck in the first level and he just knew that Sora's smile would carry him on, farther and farther away until Riku couldn't even see him.


It wasn't that Sora looked at Riku any differently, or even that Kairi loved him less. But she was endlessly ashamed of that whiny little voice inside that still spoke out against Riku, even when she knew he was caught in that darkness bigger than all of them, just as Sora had been. Time and growth gave her the strength to overcome that. When she faced Riku again, she was finally able to plead that he stay without a twist of resentment in her gut.

It wasn't that Riku was oh-so-much wiser, now. He wasn't foolish enough to presume about his own wisdom, anymore. The difference was that both he and Sora fully understood his faults, and they could find their way through them. That, more than anything, was what gave him the courage to step out of the darkness. Sora could have all the faith he wanted, but as long as Riku knew that Sora realized that he could slip away... the other boy would help him keep his feet on the ground, even if his own control slipped a bit.

It wasn't that Sora's feelings for Riku or Kairi changed. But certain things started making a lot more sense when Sora discovered a whole new set of ways to make his best friend smile. Even the way Kairi used to act around him. He always gave her a big, grateful smile the next day after times when they could tell she'd been on the island, but slipped away when she heard the humming laughter.


P.S. I am DYING for a great Riku/Sora multi-chapter, so any recs anyone has are more than welcome!

Hope you enjoyed. ^^

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I just wanted to post this short entry in order to thank three extremely awesome people who have inspired me in the last few days (through their beautiful artistic works. I promise I'm not some weird stalky person XD) and they are: [livejournal.com profile] bibliophile_42, [livejournal.com profile] alliterationhor, and [livejournal.com profile] dark_persian. I am in awe of their splendour, talent, and insight, and anyone who is a Kurofay fan (or just appreciates any form of awesomeness) should check out their works as soon as possible. ^_^ *nodnod*

*throws a parade!*

*sighs and looks at clock* I suppose I should hit the sack for tonight - I have a job interview tomorrow. Cheers, all!

P.S. Their fanfictions and doujins - go read and stare admiringly - now, I say! XP


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